WordPress Support

WordPress support for your site – saving you time so you can focus on what you do best.

So you’re running a WordPress site and you see that improvements are needed, a backup is overdue or you’re worried about security. It might be that you want to develop new pages or customise the CSS of existing features or perhaps you just want a new theme installed and set up. All of these take time if you’re learning WordPress, time that could be better spent focusing on your core business. I can help with these tasks and many more, affordable WordPress support to keep your site ticking along smoothly.


Plugin Support and Database Backups
  • Routine and scheduled database backups and plugin upgrades. Plugins can be the source of many WordPress issues and conflicts, all plugin upgrades will be tested to ensure that they function as expected.
  • Plugin installation and configuration. If you are looking to improve your site via widgets that allow for greater functionality there is almost a third party plugin that will assist. From contact forms to expanded menus or chat capability, visitor tracking and social media I’ll install, place and configure exactly what you need.
  • Site security and backups. No website is 100% resistance to the dangers of hacks or viruses. I’ll install security measures that will make your site safer and schedule backups to safeguard your data and work.
Social Media Development, Configuration or Management
  • Make sure your blog or site is being shared online with the proper configuration of social media sharing tools. We’ll work together to add social media to the ideal locations within your site including blog posts and the footer or header.
  • I’ll ensure you know how to share your content online and can assist with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest account development. Some sites receive more than half of their traffic due to social media, so don’t waste another day.
  • I offer full social media training, management or develop strategies. I’ve over fours experience with developing online social media strategies to great success. I can show you how to get the most out of WordPress in tandem with social media

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Site assessment, review and reconfiguration
  • I offer services that look at your current site configuration and make recommendations to improve the site. Google will consider load time, ease of navigation, functionality and depth of content. Make sure your site is tuned to perform. I can make full changes to WordPress sites and recommendations on custom sites.
  • WordPress theme installation and configuration. If it’s time for a new theme I can help you select the correct one by understanding exactly what your needs are. There are thousands of WordPress themes on the market. I’ll help you understand which ones will help you reach your objectives
  • Site conversion from HTML templates to WordPress. If content management is your goal a conversion to WordPress will make that possible. I can import most elements of your existing site to a WordPress theme or redevelop the entire site.
Blog Development Services
  • Blogging is my passion and WordPress is the perfect partner. I will teach you all I’ve learned about the right approach to blogging and how to engage your audience and get your posts found.
  • Blog training is available and will be customised to WordPress and your objectives. If you have the passion to write I can increase the likelihood of you being read
  • Reporting packages. Understanding how your blog is performing is critical to help you improve the performance of the blog. I’ll show you tricks and tips to stay ahead.
CSS coding
  • CSS modifications can make a good theme look great and a great theme look excellent. I can modify existing theme files CSS within the parameters of what WordPress will support.
  • Branding is crucial to your website and with CSS modifications we can improve the look and feel of your site.
Theme functions and widgets
  • A full suite of support services to get the most from your theme and widget areas.
  • Widgets that can be improved via CSS are a great way to improve site branding.

I will work with you to review your site as it currently stands and make reasonable and affordable recommendations. If you are still on a traditional html site, what are you waiting for? Contact me to learn more.