Reinvigorate your website

If your site is old, hard to navigate, doesn’t function correctly, lacks social media or SEO integration or just needs sprucing up – the solution is easier than you think I offer complete website revival services via a full conversion to WordPress allowing you complete content management options in the future and design that can incorporate video, sliders, eCommerce, responsive themes and smooth functionality.

Many small business websites that I see are now five to ten years old and it really does show. Does your website need full or partial rejuvenation so that it looks like it was built in 2013 and not 1999? Has your company changed the profile of what it actually does or do you need social media, proper SEO tactics or want to add eCommerce capability? Are you receiving relevant traffic?

A great looking and efficiently functioning website no longer needs to cost thousands of dollars, I can reinvigorate your site and convert to WordPress for far less than you think. Once we discuss the objectives for your website I will provide guaranteed pricing for the entire project based on the menu selections you make below, not all are mandatory – I work to your budget. I can help you so contact me now.

  • I will provide a FREE review of how your current website can be made more effective and function more seamlessly
  • Help you select the ideal free or premium WordPress theme for your website
  • A full redesign to refocus the appeal of your website, improve user experience and functionality
  • Provide you with training for complete content control for the future by converting the site to WordPress
  • Provide WordPress content management system training if needed
  • Optimise the SEO for your website
  • Consultative SEO and social media strategies
  • Add full google analytics so you can understand your traffic
  • Provide SEO friendly content writing services
  • Provide custom graphics and logo creation services including favicons and multi-sized logos for mobile devices
  • Add additional features as need including contact and inquiry forms, calendars, events, subscriptions, RSS, galleries & portfolios and full social media

In short; when you reinvigorate your website you will be on the path to having more relevant traffic visiting a site that will receive more depth in terms of visits and conversions. Your website is your business card, marketing tool, promotional device and yellow pages ad that works for you 24 hours per day. Get much more from your website now by bringing it up to date.


Service agreements tailored to meet your budget and needs. You select services required based on menu pricing


All packages include: Conversion of your website to WordPress, test basic design and coding errors, add more content, images and site pages as needed (prices based on total content required). Standard but very valuable onsite search engine optimization. Add traffic analysis service for you to check whenever you like. Create a brand new professional website. A sleek and dynamic frontage and a back-end CMS.
Optional menu priced services: Site fully optimized for Google searches in code and content. Added features for communication, social engagement, marketing, content management, traffic analysis. I can add beautiful photography and custom graphics, and we can help with complete overhaul of content writing for SEO purposes. I can add an eCommerce/shopping cart function if needed. I can add and train you to develop a blog, or to manage the blog. I’ve more than four years of expertise in blogging with proven results.
The first step is a free consultation so I can understand your needs and further explain the services I can offer. Please contact me to learn more.